Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My accessory obsession: Kendra Scott

Earlier this year I popped into what quickly has become one of my favorite boutiques on South Pearl Street: Gracie's. At the time I'm pregnant and absolutely huge, and unfortunately don't event take a second look at all the fabulous clothes hanging on the racks (which is probably in the best interest of my bank account). I beeline to the back straight towards the jewelry and I'm there for an hour - quickly falling in love with the designer Kendra Scott. Y'all she's fabulous. Earring prices range from $60-100+ which is actually a little more than I like to spend, but they are WORTH it and I mean it! I've gone back several times because I can't wait to see when new pairs come in. I walked out of the shop with a new fabulous pair of Kendra Scott's: Jeanine Dangle Marquis Earrings. Check 'em out:

My new Jeanine-Lily's

Check out the new fabulous designs:


My new obsession is also sold at Nordstrom and you can purchase them online (and often on sale), but heck, go out and support the local, Gracie's on South Pearl Street. Check out their website as they always have awesome sales and events:


Happy Accessorizing!



  1. Love the earrings! Can't wait to go to Gracie's when I'm in Denver next...


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