Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: A quick reminder.

Wednesday is quickly coming to a close, but seeing as I just made a cup of coffee, you see how my frame of time is lately. Alas, I saw something last night I really wanted to share today on the blog. A little, note-to-self, if you will.

For those of you who don't know, I'm on Twitter.
I don't use it effectively at ALL, and honestly I average about a tweet a month. I originally joined Twitter to follow people, get news alerts and guiltily see what all my favorite Bravo stars are up to (which by the way is a whole lotta CRAZY)! But I also follow positive, uplifting folks, and I saw this come across my feed late last night...

God doesn’t waste anything we go through. He knows how to bring something good out of every situation.
If there's one thing I learn as I grow older, bad things just happen
To good people, to friends, to me, to you. So is LIFE and we're not promised an easy road. You may think everything happens for a reason, and me, I'm not so sure all the time. But I do know that our Almighty God works everything towards a greater good for those who love Him; including our hardships and struggles, or things we just can't find sense in that happen to us or those we love. 
I've tried lately to work on accepting things that don't go my way and to realize that though I don't always see it at the time, there is great good to come. 

After all, we are all a work-in-progress.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Benjamin Wallace.

He's here, my friends!
(If you don't follow me on Instagram, surprise!)

Meet little Benjamin Wallace Kauffman. The newest stealer of my heart.
Fresh baby!
Bathed and looking good.
Peaceful Ben.
He arrived prompt as can be on his due date, July 12th, via cesarian and he sure did make me work for it. He's worth it!
Ben is a look-alike of his older brother, with darker hair and lighter eyes, but to me looks more like his daddy. Is that even possible? He's a great eater, a great sleeper (so far) and so very kissable.
We are through the "dark" days now, you remember the dark days, ladies? Those first few days when you're body goes outta-whack and hormones through the roof. Now we have settled into a nice routine as we all get to know each other.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards those around me...
For a healthy baby boy.
For a first-born who constantly makes me proud with his kindness, sweet nature and ability to adapt.
For a supportive family. Seriously, I could NOT have made it through the first two weeks without my mom and mother-in-law.
My parents: Nanna and Papa Pat.
My inlaws: Papa, Mimi and Great Grandma Genny.
And most of all for my husband; who through this second-baby process has been my rock and my best friend. There's no one I want by my side more than him. Thank you, Lord, for this man.
You learn a lot about love during these times, and I've been overwhelmed by all the love in our lives.

Get ready for picture overload around here! 
Thanks for all the well-wishes. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: Strength.

Hey y'all! 

Still pregnant over here, but in lieu of the whole "about-to-have-a-baby-at-any-moment" sitch - I've really been drawn to words of strength lately. I thought I'd share a few here on the bloggy-blog in case you need to hear them as well.

About holding strong against worry:
 Against thoughts:
 And reminding myself of an important truth:
Amen to that! 
Sincerely, The Self-Proclaimed Quote Lady

Saturday, July 5, 2014


One of our last little pictures as a family of three!
I am the worst at tracking how I've felt during pregnancy, but I did want to stop and take in where I'm at right now, just in case we decide to get pregnant again I will remember what I'll be dealing with:).

How far along: 39-weeks.
(ie 7 days until d-day. Single digits. OMG.)

Baby Size: I had to google this.
7 pounds and the size of a leek. A leek? Really? Or a mini-watermelon.

Weight gain: 29.4 pounds! Almost right on with what I gained with Coop, which was 30.

Maternity clothes: I live in shorts and sleeveless tank. 

Stretch marks: Oh yeah. Had them the last pregnancy and the buckets of shea butter can only do so much. I know how this goes. They are stretched so far when you're fat that you barely see them, and then when baby comes out and your skin re-settles it looks like you were scratched down the belly by a witch wearing purple nail polish. #sexytime

Sleep: What's that? I don't sleep. I'm either peeing or being karate kicked in the pelvis.

Gender: Another sweet baby boy.

Movement: He does the wave, pokes and prods. I feel feet, elbows, knees and butts very distinctly.

Best moment this week: Cooper is obsessed with me lately, and giving me a baby lots of kisses. And I love it.

Looking forward to: Sleep! I will sleep more when the baby arrives. I know it. Oh, and the baby. Can't wait to meet the baby.

Food cravings: Juice! I dream of juice! I still don't like to eat very much. I'm very thirsty. I like peanut butter too.

Anything making you queasy or sick: The no sleep thing. Makes me sick!

Labor Signs: Actually yes! Tons of crampiness, Braxton Hicks, and strong pressure down yonder where the leg joints meet the hip.

What I miss: Sleep. Do you see a theme here? And martinis!

Symptoms: I am physically so darn tired all the time! It's actually unbelievable. 
Nursery: Is mostly done and is a very sweet room. I took Coop's old nursery, and just added a new bedding and rug. Nothing crazy.
Belly Button in or out? Unsure. It's pretty flat most the time but with shirts on looks like an outie.

Wedding rings on or off? On. I haven't swelled with either pregnancy. Other than the fat face that happens right

Mood: Tired!

Haha, okay but really, I'm very grateful and excited to meet this other little angel boy. I'm thankful for my husband and son. I can be a little snappy with the Coop-man, but I try to control myself (I mean, can you stop saying "mom,mom,mom,mom" with a rising volume for one second please? ONE SECOND!)

We can't wait to share with you pictures of Number Two!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's the Little Things: Meeting Baby.

This is a throw-back picture to one of my first moments with Cooper.
This moment-to-be has been on my mind lately, as I get to meet Number Two in a matter of days. DAYS, PEOPLE!

My memories of the hospital and meeting my baby for the first time are some of the sweetest memories I have of the early days, it's such a special time beyond words.
It is my main focus through all the fatigue and exhaustion of the last few days of pregnancy; and will be the focus that will carry me through labor.

It's such an honor to bring a new life into this world, to get a small piece of both me and my husband walking around out there (or running in Number One's case, FAST!). 
Of being allowed one of life's greatest gifts. I do not take one bit of it for granted.
We can't wait to meet you little man!