Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: Un-planning.

When I was in college I for sure thought that I would be engaged by graduation. 
True story.

Mind you, this was even when I wasn't dating someone, which was a little presumptuous of me, but heck, that's just what I thought people did after college.
I always figured that I would definitely, absolutely, for SURE, have met my future husband by May 2004. At the ripe old age of 22.

Also, I always thought I would absolutely, always and forever live in Texas and raise my little Texas babies in the great state of...Texas! I mean, of this last point I was for SURE. I'm still kind-of shocked my husband isn't like, a cowboy, or something. I also cried when I got pregnant, devastated that I would have a baby not born a...Texan. What are people like that like, anyways?
Well {SPOILER ALERT} none of these things happened. 

I wasn't engaged by college-end, I don't live in Texas, and my husband is most definitely not a cowboy. Somehow, someway my life fell onto a totally different path.

Do you ever look back and laugh? 
First of all, how funny of me to have even thought I was in control of my future plans! And secondly, who would want to be anyways? 
I'm constantly amazed at the impact of the biggest decisions I've made on my life. Because they were the ones that took me way off the path I just KNEW my life would go. But they were always the most clear, no-doubt-in-my-mind kind of decisions. Always very easy to make, even though I was surprised I was making them.

Out-of-state college in Missouri? Where was Missouri anyways? 
But I just knew it was where I should be.
Accepting that job in New York City? Who would ever want to live in a city that large, busy and intimidating? I mean, New Yorkers can be scary!
But yet, I couldn't pass it by. 
(And by the way, New Yorkers are some of the nicest people in the world).   

Each one of these opportunities I would have never dreamed would come my way, let alone that I would take them. And yet, each of those moments have always led me to the most surprisingly sweet spots in my life. When I knew I was right where God intended me to be.

Don't get me wrong, I still try to plan ev-er-y thing. All the time.
But I try to remind myself that what lies in the unplanned are where life's sweetest gifts are at; and there also, God's will for our lives.

So here's to NOT planning all the time!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five-on-Friday: Week in Pictures.

Five fun things I am loving about this week:

Ice cream for dinner.
Pregnant girl don't care.
Because, well, why not, really?

Little people next to big trucks.
The plus side of Denver's construction boom.

$3.99 at the local grocery store going strong at two-weeks. 

Gap sales sales. 30% off, 40% off if you are a card-holder (sure am!)
I swear Cooper lives in Gap clothes. Especially their awesome-PJs.
I currently don't need anything but should I stock up for things down the road?
I hear my husband's voice in my head saying "NO LAUREN."

What I'm Reading...
I'm a huge huge reader. Here's a look into my bath-time books these days:
Fault In Our Stars
Grace-Based Parenting

Next Up:
I hear it's a new trilogy that's a must-read for those of us that loved Hunger Games and Divergent.
Do you have any suggestions? Please do share.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: My Mental Health Weekend.

Happy Wednesday folks!
Did that fly by for anyone?

If you follow me on Instagram you know that the hubs and I got outta dodge this weekend sans the short guy for a little R&R before Number Two makes his arrival.

We ventured down to Colorado Springs' The Broadmoor for a couple nights; or The Hotel as the locals call it. And let me tell you, if there's anything I took away from that weekend it's the importance of mental health moments! Yes we had a weekend, but even if it's an hour to get a pedicure or take a yoga class, something about time alone and out of your normal environment is so therapeutic.
The hubs and I drove just 45-minutes straight south of our home, but it felt like miles away. The hotel is spectacular, you feel like you're in your own little town.
We went to dinners alone and had no agenda all weekend.
It was divine.
I got a little bump groping by the housekeeping one morning, which by the way, never bothers me. If you want to touch this lump of love, go right ahead!
We also got a lot of "how much longer do you have until baby comes?" questions. To which, I always respond not four weeks, not a month but "Oh just a few weeks left!"
Because how much better does that sound? 
Like, barely NO time at all folks, thanks for asking!
After taking some time to ourselves, I think Jeff and I are starting to realize there will soon be a newborn at our house. It's amazing how it's just kind-of 'life as usual' until you slow down and think about the monumental CHANGE that is about to happen. 

Like the fact that we will, in a few weeks, have two sons. 
Two precious little boys - we just can't wait!

I feel so honored to have been blessed with the task of raising two boys, and really hope we can nurture them into two good men by the time we're done with them. 

The kind that never ever abandon their mothers and who always open the door for women and elderly. You know, the southern hospitality kind-of men.
So, Number Two: I can't wait to be your mommy - to meet you and hold you for the very first time.
And, kid, if you're listening, be good to me when you decide to arrive.
Until then, I plan on stealing little mental health moments each and every day.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Pregnancy Ride.

It's AMAZING how different the second pregnancy is than the first.  For me, at least. 

I feel like there is a side of pregnancy that people don't talk about very much. Like the mix of highs and lows that come with the excitement of preparing to welcome a new baby. 

Lately when people ask me, "How are you feeling?" I struggle for a second. Do I tell them the truth? Do they have an hour? Usually I just say, "Oh fine. I'm ready!" with a giggle. If they're a good friend, I go into the REAL details.

Like, first of all, this go-around I am WAY more tired.
I'm not sure if it's the toddler I chase daily (versus the desk I sat at), or the lack of sleep I'm getting (slept like a champ with Coop-man but this time I'm peeing every hour, literally EV-ER-Y hour) but I am whipped by the end of the day. Night-time is not my friend. It's when I'm the most physically uncomfortable, when the baby likes to practice his upper cuts, and I'm wicked tired. But can't sleep, naturally.

Physically last year, I was walking three miles during my 41st week of pregnancy. I had energy for days! This pregnancy? I am wiped out for two days after a light stroller class. 

Second, I am more anxious.
The glorious thing about your first is that you have no idea what is coming. Truly a time when ignorance is bliss. You don't understand what the lack of sleep feels like...or the struggles that come with trying to teach your new bundle how to nurse or how to sleep...or the way your body houdini's into this milk-making, fluid excreting, bloody, painful...temple.

This time? 
Oh, I know what's coming. 
AND I have a two year old to take care of. And things like this article that a friend just emailed as I'm writing this strike fear.

I would be lying if I'm not slightly terrified.
Can I do it all?
Can I do it all without losing my sanity?
Will I be able to function without snapping at my son or newborn? Will they know how much I love them or I will I warp into a very ugly ogre?
Third, I'm having some dark days.
Some days I feel my patience go, oh I don't know, out the front door with Jeff on his way to work. Those type of days it's a struggle to get out from under the dark cloud sitting on my chest. I'm sure you gathered this after last week's Grumpy Post.

All the fears of anything that will ever happen ever over the next 1 to 5 years creep into my mind. I know during these days I'm not my best for Cooper (or anyone else around me for that matter). And even worse, I just don't feel like myself. 

Pregnancy is such a beautiful, complicated experience. I am continually amazed at the whole process, starting at conception. It is so busy with one at home, I truly don't know if I really have processed what is about to happen. That another little human will be joining our family. A dream come true.

So, like everything, you take the good with the bad, roll with it, and know the lows will pass. When I take a second, re-enter reality, and I think of the first time Cooper meets Number Two, my heart swells, and I know all is the way it is supposed to be. 

And we are so grateful.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Things Linkup: Morning Batting Practice

Did you know it snowed in Denver on Mother's Day? 
Like, an all day kind-of-blizzard. 
Colorado is 0 to 60. Snow one day, 80 degrees the next. 

The short one is eating up these warmer days and we are living outside lately.
Like this morning. At around, oh say, 7AM.
But isn't it a sight to see? 
Just a toddler in their sussies, swinging the bat.

I love the outdoor lifestyle here.
No humidity.
No mosquitos. 
Crisp beautiful mornings.
It makes my heart happy to see him loving it so much. 
Something about a little boy outdoors makes me happy.

Soak it in little man!
You'll soon be back in your parka.