Friday, June 13, 2014

Five-on-Friday: Week in Pictures.

Five fun things I am loving about this week:

Ice cream for dinner.
Pregnant girl don't care.
Because, well, why not, really?

Little people next to big trucks.
The plus side of Denver's construction boom.

$3.99 at the local grocery store going strong at two-weeks. 

Gap sales sales. 30% off, 40% off if you are a card-holder (sure am!)
I swear Cooper lives in Gap clothes. Especially their awesome-PJs.
I currently don't need anything but should I stock up for things down the road?
I hear my husband's voice in my head saying "NO LAUREN."

What I'm Reading...
I'm a huge huge reader. Here's a look into my bath-time books these days:
Fault In Our Stars
Grace-Based Parenting

Next Up:
I hear it's a new trilogy that's a must-read for those of us that loved Hunger Games and Divergent.
Do you have any suggestions? Please do share.

Happy Weekend!


  1. First of all, I love Moolenium Crunch. Second of all, thanks for telling me about the Gap sale. We seriously should consider stock with the way Charlotte's closet is going. Third of all (ha, now that just sounds silly), I don't know if you like Chick-Lit, but I'm about to start Emily Giffin's new one, The One and Only. I've heard you either love it or hate it. I'm hoping I love it. :) Have a good weekend, girlfriend!

    1. I LOVE LOVE their girl clothes. I seriously don't know how you handle yourself in these stores.

  2. I loved Hunger Games, haven't been able to get a hold of divergent yet though. I'll have to add Enclave to my list! I've got the 6th in the Mortal Instruments (clare) series on my way, YA series..loved. And, the 3rd in the All Souls Trilogy (harkness) comes out soon and I can't wait to get my hands on of my favourites ever. If you like fantasy I'd highly rec that last one!
    And, ice cream for dinner! Best mom ever!

    1. Wait whaaattt??? Six books? That's like heaven in a hard-back! I'm Amazon-ing those two suggestions ASAP. Thanks for sharing Courtney!

  3. ice cream for dinner? SIGN ME UP. and fault in our stars? SWOON. no seriously, swoon. i loved that book!

    1. OMG I haven't even got that far into it and already have multiple theories of who dies (because c'mon, someone's going to) at the end. Nicholas Spark flashbacks!

  4. Love the ice cream for dinner!! And I love the Gap too!


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