Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Things Linkup: Morning Batting Practice

Did you know it snowed in Denver on Mother's Day? 
Like, an all day kind-of-blizzard. 
Colorado is 0 to 60. Snow one day, 80 degrees the next. 

The short one is eating up these warmer days and we are living outside lately.
Like this morning. At around, oh say, 7AM.
But isn't it a sight to see? 
Just a toddler in their sussies, swinging the bat.

I love the outdoor lifestyle here.
No humidity.
No mosquitos. 
Crisp beautiful mornings.
It makes my heart happy to see him loving it so much. 
Something about a little boy outdoors makes me happy.

Soak it in little man!
You'll soon be back in your parka.


  1. I went to CU, I definitely miss those bug free days and crisp mornings. I'm back in FL and we have to get out early or it is just way too hot to survive. yuck.

    1. I've heard FL is SO humid! Just like Texas.


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