Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday's Miracle

Our little man has reached his first milestone...he is one month! Life has changed so much since our sweet baby entered our world. First of all, we had to figure out this "how to raise a newborn” thing. Second, our sleep and social habits have changed; from dinner at 9 to gotta be home by 7. And ultimately, life just means so much more now that Cooper is in it. One thing that surprised me as a first time mama is how being Cooper’s mom came so naturally. It seems like we’ve known each other all along but only recently got to meet. God is good.

I thought I’d share some random things I've learned about first-time mama-hood:

1). All that stuff people tell you about laundry…is true. You do laundry, every day.

2). Your body is not your own for the first few weeks. That’s all I’ll say about that, but ladies, mentally prepare!!

3). Baby poop stains clothes, and babies often poop right after the bath. Soak immediately. It’s gross.

4). When putting on diapers it is very important to make sure that squiggly part that surrounds the legs are un-tucked from the diaper. Ladies, tell your husbands. Bad things happen. See the aforementioned.

5). Swaddling is amazing! People tell you this too, but wow, it’s so true. It’s the only way Cooper can sleep on his back.

6). You will use all the blankets you get. I was worried they would just go to waste but oh contraire! We have one upstairs in his nursery, one in our room, one in his swing, one by his Pac-in-Play and one by his bouncer. And yes, we use all these pieces of baby “apparatus.”

7). Worrying multiplies. Times like a hundred. When you feed your baby late at night and there are no distractions like TV, email, or people for that matter, you have a lot of time to think. These are the times I find myself worrying about his future, praying that he will have a happy life, hoping that Jeff and I can be good parents and teach him how to be a kind person, along with all he needs to know to succeed in life. No pressure, right? Yes, he is only 4-weeks old and I’m already worrying about these things. Welcome to mama-hood.

8). You think your baby is the cutest baby ever and you think everyone else thinks so too. When we were at the hospital and the nurses would bring Cooper in from the nursery, I would tell each new nurse that came on shift to just look for the really cute baby. No ID tag needed - just grab the cute one. Like none of the other babies in the nursery were cute. I still believe that and if you don't, I don't want to hear it. I mean, look at this face:

Cooper Patrick was born 6 days late (I could write a whole other post about that experience) on Monday, February 20th. Wide-eyed and arms swinging, he truly was our Monday Miracle, and quickly has become our entire world.


  1. You and Jeff will be awesome parents! love the pictures of little Cooper!

  2. LOVE your blog! And especially this post. :) You and Jeff sound like amazing parents. Cooper is so blessed to have you both!

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