Monday, April 23, 2012

Our 2-Month Old

Coop was two months on Friday! How did we celebrate you ask? By traumatizing our sweet child with shots.

People tell you how bad the first round of shots are for the parents, but I could not have imagined just HOW bad it would be. Cooper had a great 2-month appointment, flirting with the nurse, kicking his legs - happy as a clam.
But then...BOOM! The ultimate betrayal! Our nice nurse told me that she needed to get a second nurse to help  administer the shots. "Okay," I said, unsure of why two nurses were needed for a human that was 40 days old and just shy of 12 pounds. In they both came and had me stand at his head and hold both of his arms. He was smiling and cooing, looking at me with those big brown eyes that said "I love you mom, and totally trust you!"  And happened. Nurse 1 counted to three and at that both nurses stuck him at the same time in either leg, total shots = 5! He looked at me with a face full of betrayal, turned beet red, and than the screaming began.

All's well that ends well, and I know vaccinations are a necessary means to a healthy end. But in that moment as my eyes welled with tears, I wanted to take all his pain away from him and put it onto me; it hurt me so bad to see him hurt! It's amazing how much you can love a person - definitely unlike any other love that I've ever known. As he grows of course I know he will experience pain throughout his life, both physical and emotional, but I hope to the good Lord above that it will be minimal. My prayer for him is simple: Health and Happiness. And for now, as long as I stay away from the pediatricians office, I think this can be accomplished.

Happy Monday!


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