Monday, August 18, 2014

One month with Benjamin.

We made it!
One month today last Tuesday we met little Benjamin.
Is it bad that it seems like it's been longer than a month?
Ben's first few weeks were...let's just say needier, than Coop's first few days.
He cried a little easier and would fuss when he was awake and not in your arms at all times.

However, once we hit the 4-week mark, he kind-of just, dare I say, mellowed?
Like a lot.
It's like he's gotten used to his own skin a little bit (outside of mama's tummy), has decided he trusts us and relaxed a little bit.

You wonder what it will be like with a second child; after all, the first is so anticipated and such a huge deal in your marriage, because now you have created a family.

I've found that I love Ben uniquely. A special bond that is just his and mine.
I am in love, in lo-ove, with this face.
Double take, wha?
Some things you should know about the little guy:

- I call him Benjamin when I'm speaking TO him but Ben when talking ABOUT him.

-He has dark blue eyes! Coop has gorgeous baby browns so we shall see how this pans out.

-His lips are to die for.

-Homeboy hates being swaddled but loves being held.

-At 4-weeks he got his tears and started blowing bubbles.

-My favorite Ben-Moment right now is the sounds he makes when I'm burping him (sweet coos and sighs).

Oh and for those of you wondering about this guy...
Well he's still our little ham. Our little potty-trained ham, at that. 

Coop went to his very first (let's be honest only 15 minutes) Broncos scrimmage.
He rocks the orange, y'all.
And just loves his little brother. If Ben's crying or upset Cooper is the most concerned person in the room, and always loves to get Ben up from a nap. I've caught him trying to pick him up out of his swing a couple times. It would be cute if it wasn't so terrifying.

Benjamin has sweet dark blue eyes that somehow say "Mom, I will own you the rest of your life. See this face, mom? It's only going to get cuter."
I know, Benjamin, I know.


  1. i die. he looks like a doll!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, that little love dumpling! I want to eat him up. LOVE!!!


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