Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: Living Intentionally.

Lately I've been thinking about life.  Sounds deep, right?
Okay so not so much about life, but how I want to live my life.
As a mom, as a wife, as ME.

Something about having young kids can be so...mundane.
I didn't say it wasn't cute though. I mean look at that head size, right?
Not in a bad way, but in a necessary way. It's easy to forget what kind of person you want to be; how you want to be known by those who know you.

What's your life's jam, ya know?!?

But like I always taught professionally, you have to be know where you want to go so you can create your road to get there. The ole, set a goal than create your plan, diddy.
I don't want to be the gal whose world becomes her children.  I don't want to lose myself in the next 18-years of child-rearing and then wake up one morning and forget what I like to do with my days. But what do I want for my life in the meantime?

Check this bloggity-blog out:
The Helpful Guide to Living an Intentional Life

In the quest to live with purpose and towards life's important goals (and not washing my hair more than three times a week) I'm going to take his challenge and work on this for a bit:

Examine yourself. Know who you are. Get a strong handle on your passions, talents, abilities, and weaknesses. Give precious time and energy to this endeavor. It is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Welp, here's to finding my jam, y'all. And to hoping your road is paved with intention.

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