Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wisdom Wednesdays: Being Present

Last night I was watching NBC Nightly News (love Brian Williams) and he interviewed President Clinton. They were talking about social media and the affect that it has on this new generation coming up, and for that matter, on life today as we know it...the new “norm.”

During this interview President Clinton said he is concerned that people are no longer PRESENT in the moment. This so hit home. How often are you talking to a friend (spouse) and they are responding to an email on their Blackberry? Or, how many times are you on the phone at work but reading an email that just pinged across your Outlook? He’s right – we are all too often not present in the moment anymore. There is just too much to distract us with good "old" fashioned TV and now phones that email and surf the Internet, not to mention computers. I mean think of the laptop; I remember when I needed to use the computer I had to go to a separate room and sit at the desk that the computer was located. Now we just bring the laptop wherever we are- which could be in the kitchen while eating dinner with your family! Everyone is so accessible now. Depending on what article you read Facebook is listed in 1 out of 5 divorce claims in the United States, 1 out of 3 in the UK. Insane! I could go on and on about how much this has changed how we work, interact with our children and other relationships, I mean even how how teenagers flirt, which these days is most often via text. Whatever happened to picking up a land line and making that awkward phone call? Gosh, I miss those days :).

Back to Bill, what I took away from his comment was the need to make it a priority to truly listen and be present in life’s moments- concentrate on conversations and cherish time with loved ones. As my husband says, on road trips turn off that DVD and play that good old game "I went to the store and bought a X" or "I spy." Simply put: engage and listen to one another- giving them your undivided attention; those are the true good moments in life. Oh, and put the Blackberry away.

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