Thursday, November 8, 2012

WW: Perspective.


Over the past seven days so many lives have been changed: a colossal storm hit the northeast and flattened much of the coast there, we elected the 44th president of the United States, and most importantly, beginning January 5th I can now buy an ounce of weed legally here in Colorado. Hooray! I mean, when the governor has to tell its people not to jump the gun and "break out the Cheetos and goldfish quite yet," you know times are a-changing. For better or worse.

The past couple weeks have been so...emotionally charged- haven't they? I know I have had lots going through my head and just no real motivation to bring them to the blog. The word I kept coming back to however was perspective. Facebook has been crazy! I know you've noticed. Last week my news feed was filled with cute photos of kiddos dressed as animals, and this week with political back-and-forth of who in this country is ignorant and who is intolerant. I am positive many people have been "de-friended" due to political differences.

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Politics is one of those issues; so personal it's best not to tout them in general, especially on the web. Similar to hard liquor...better to just stay away from it. This election has showcased people, good people, disagreeing on fundamentally important issues. So many different life experiences that have ultimately shaped people's perspective, each looking at the same issue and seeing very different things. If one thing is clear, the make-up and dynamic of this country is changing...has changed, social issues are taking a front seat and the values of this country are different from the values held in our grandparents and great grandparents' generations.

A little humor:
"Take our politicians: they're a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of cliches the first prize." -Saul Bellow

I am so grateful that we live in a country where we can agree to disagree, not be punished for our opinions, and we can choose our leaders. People are resilient, and it's been incredible to see all the passion and emotion lately. Speaking of emotion, let's talk about Cooper. He was a shark for Halloween...

[caption id="attachment_693" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Check out that fin.[/caption]

...and he started crawling this week! We lowered his crib due to the whole "trying to get out" thing, and every time he wakes up he just sits on his bum and looks at the door, talking to himself. He continues to awkwardly stare at people, mainly strangers, until he decides what he thinks of them. Oh, and he's messy.

[caption id="attachment_685" align="aligncenter" width="2112"] Yogurt makes good hair gel mom.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_686" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] I can feed myself mom, see?[/caption]

Phew. What a week. Here's to good things happening, in country and in home, moving forward. As for me and my home, we will continue to instill values in Coop that we believe builds the character and the man; after all, it starts at home, in my perspective.

[caption id="attachment_687" align="aligncenter" width="2816"] Our brown-eyed angel.[/caption]

Best to you and yours,


  1. Lauren,
    This is great. Cooper is sooo cute! And he is lucky because a child gets a good start at home, with love, and its easy to see that he is covered with love.
    Glad to see the pics of your little guy! He looks so happy! Just like sweet Addison!

  2. Cutest shark ever!!!! Great blog LAKK, but stay away from vodka? Really?! xoxo

  3. Great post Lauren! OMG, Coop is so cute!

  4. thanks! and, we think he's pretty darn cute ourselves...

  5. okay, okay...maybe just dark liquor. :)

  6. you are too sweet Kathy! We think Addison has a pretty darn good home and family ourselves:).


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