Monday, January 28, 2013

Celeb crushes.

You're welcome.

Leo Golden Globes 2013

Okay can we talk about Leonardo DiCaprio for a second? So I saw him a few weeks ago at the Golden Globes and remembered how dapper he was, but then I heard he was retiring from acting which made me think of him AGAIN...and where I'm going with this? Well, he was my first. Celebrity Crush.

Ladies, remember when you watched movies as a hormonal teenager and fell in love for the first time? C'mon, Ryan Gosling- "it wasn't over, it's still not over.":


Sure, my loyalties changed circa 2004 when The Notebook came out. But long before Ryan Gosling, there was this guy:

Leo Sad RomeoI mean he was ROMEO, y'all. He was my youth's Ryan Gosling for YEARS. I had a whole wall in my bathroom devoted to this man; with magazine cutouts of his face from all those teeny-bopper magazines taped to my wall next to the toilet. Next to the TOILET. Leonardo Dicaprio was it for me ladies, he was my first celebrity crush. *Disclaimer below.

Alas, I saw my Leo last at the Golden Globes and memories flooded back. Of my bathroom, yes, but mainly of how obsessed I was with this guy. I mean, weird right?








*If we're being totally honest here, my first celebrity crush was actually Jonathan Taylor Thomas. However, he's not really relevant anymore and definitely not as attractive.

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