Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WW: Accepting flaws.

I love this quote, and it is one of those "life sayings" that I hope that I can teach my children, because, hello?! How much easier would life be if we all are OK with our shortcomings?  
Not only do I want Coop to accept his flaws, but  be able to recognize them and accept constructive criticism. Jeff and I are not going to raise a kid who gets a trophy just for participating, or thinks he is good at everything because that's what he has heard his whole life. I want him to know he isn't going to be good at everything- he may be really bad and have to work at a lot of things. 

In fact one day, he might be the worst tap dancer in the class or not make the volleyball team in the 7th grade and be devastated. Theoretically. And that's okay, and kinda how it's supposed to be. If you process your failure- flaws- right, it drives you to work harder and to improve yourself. If we don't recognize our flaws and accept them, how do we progress in any  positive direction?  

Love and light y'all - Lauren 

PS- Full discretion y'all - that was ME I was talking about earlier. I didn't make the volleyball team in junior high and was a terrible tap dancer. However, my dance teacher did always tell me to smile really big because no one is looking at your feet anyways, which COOPER, if you're still listening is another excellent reminder. Smile big, honey.


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