Monday, July 15, 2013


Long lost greetings friends!


I took a little bloggy-break over the past month or so, because per the usual, this summer we have turned into jet-setters. Cooper has slept in his crib five times in the last four weeks and I'm positive my friends here forget what we look like.

Here's what you missed:

1. Cooper hits my face, your child, and often times his own head now. He's acquired a temper. We're working on it.

2. We spent 11 days in Texas and Cooper got to play with his Dallas-buds. It was chaotic.

Cooper, Miller, Emily , Molly, Brooklyn, Betsy.

3. Cooper's mom drank approximately 5 Mambo Taxi's while in Dallas (not consecutively). A Mambo Taxi is a 1200 calorie sangria-swirled margarita, with an intensely guarded recipe from HEAVEN (ie Mi Cocina). Legend has it that its name comes from the fact that after consuming three of them, you’ll need a taxi to get home; this I can neither confirm or deny. I've tried really hard to track down this recipe and this is as close as I've gotten.

4. Cooper's mom had an awesome stay-cation at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas. Massage, facial, pool time and you more importantly, martinis.

[caption id="attachment_1663" align="aligncenter" width="480"]BFF staycation! I'm thinking an annual event! BFF staycation! I'm thinking an annual event![/caption]

photo (24)

4. Cooper spent invaluable time with the Kennedy/Nann side of the family (his great-grandparents and great-aunts and uncles) while in Houston. He sweat a lot too.

[caption id="attachment_1675" align="aligncenter" width="473"]Sweet Gigi Betty. Sweet Gigi Betty.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1662" align="aligncenter" width="480"]I mean, ew. I mean, ew.[/caption]

4. Cooper started excessively hand-waving. He waves all the time. He waves hello, goodbye and "get-outta-here-mom." En route to and from the Lone Star State he waved at the entire section of the plane we were in; four people asked to hold him. This worked out for me though because I got a break, and let's be honest, it gave me time to pick the goldfish off up the floor.

[caption id="attachment_1652" align="aligncenter" width="426"]That's one of our flight attendants. That's one of our flight attendants.[/caption]

5. I put Cooper in one of those jon-jon things and it didn't go well. One kid told us our little girl was cute and my husband will never let me forget it. I'm going to stick to shorts and polos from now on.

[caption id="attachment_1646" align="aligncenter" width="490"]July 3rd BBQ. July 3rd BBQ.[/caption]

6. We went to a Kauffman reunion outside of Gunnison and it was totally gorge. We also fit 6 adults and 4 children under 3 into one small cabin. Everyone slept awesome.

[caption id="attachment_1657" align="aligncenter" width="490"]The whole Kauffman clan! Everyone looks cute but I can assure you my son kept them up all night. The whole Kauffman clan! Everyone looks cute but I can assure you my son kept them up all night.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1658" align="aligncenter" width="490"]Coop with his Papa. Seriously can't handle this picture. Coop with his Papa. Seriously can't handle this picture.[/caption]

7. I put Cooper in flowers and took about 50 pictures. I also put him on a boat for the first time. He was excited about all of it.

photo (31)

This is Cooper's future wife, Betsy.

photo (23)

And, that about sums it up! It's been a busy, fast-moving few weeks to say the least, but I know it's fleeting. I know we won't be able to pick up and go once the littles are older; we just won't have the flexibility and time. So the opportunity to do it now is welcomed and savored.

Now who can watch my kid while I go take a vacation from our vacations???




  1. Love the recap of all of the trips! Ritz Staycation is our new annual event! Can't wait... #RitzStaycation14

  2. Sweet Coop!!! Just love that little guy. :) You crazy kids have been quite the jet setters!


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