Friday, September 27, 2013

Mama Probs: In Flight.

It's Friday y'all, and I am almost, almost recovered from a flight I took the mini on last Sunday.
I mean, you laughed out loud, right?
I mean, you laughed out loud, right?

I have five REALLY exciting things to share on today's Five-on-Friday and I'm once again linking up with The Good Life Blog and crew!
Remember that time I wrote some tips on flying with the littles? In case you missed it you can check it out here Flying with the Littles and throw it all back in my face here in a sec.

Well it finally happened.
After 14 flights we had the flight from Hades.

At one point I thought to myself, oh my gawd, I might snap at any. minute. Have you seen the show Snapped? There's nothing good about that show.

Here's what I (hypothetically) learned from this experience:

Early flights are not the way to go for toddlers. 
They get tired from the getting ready to fly part of traveling and by the time they actually get in the air they're awake and can't sleep. Which makes them mad.

Real mad.

They can hit you real hard when in close, contained quarters.

And when you hold their arms to stop from hitting your face they can then kick the seat in front of you. Hard and fast.

Then you gasp in horror and quickly hold their legs (which frees up their arms) and they begin hitting your face again.


The 'turn off electronics' rule is the devil.

When you finally get the toddler tornadoes calm and watching their most favorite episode of Curious George or Bubble Guppies, the flight attendants make you turn it off.

I'm getting a little clammy and short of breath thinking about it.

Strangers sitting in the same row don't stare so much. But they get really quite. And order hard alcohol.
At 8AM.

And when the plane is on its initial descent, the toddler will fall into a peaceful, beautiful, snuggly sleep. And you just can't remember what the big deal was in the first place.
Three generations and over 20 years of friendship right there. Mimosas were involved. 
Three generations and over 20 years of friendship right there. Mimosas were involved.[/caption]
Coop and I got to spend an awesome few days in Dallas with my mom, sisters, friends and their minis, which happens too few and far between.
Miller, 14 months, Betsy 15 months, Cooper and Brooklynn 19 months. Organized chaos. Miller, 14 months, Betsy 15 months, Cooper and Brooklynn 19 months. Organized chaos.
Coopy and his BFF Miller. 
Coopy and his BFF Miller.

And there ya have it. This week's Mama Probs.

Cheers to the weekend, y'all.


  1. Fabulous post. Although it sounds like a crazy flight back, we loved having you in Dallas!!

  2. This is my second time linking up! Following on bloglovin' now. :) Oh gosh...we are flying for the first time with our 13 mo in a couple of weeks...a 5 hour flight. I am so terrified...this didn't help. Haha! I might just hide in the bathroom with him if he starts screaming. :) -Andrea

  3. This made me laugh, I love how you find the humor in it!

  4. Too funny! You had me laughing out loud!

  5. Now, listen, the silver lining is that this is the first time it happened, and he's 6 months older than your little one. 13 months was easier. And if all else fails, yes crying in the bathroom or chardonnay works just fine :). xo Lauren

  6. It's either that or cry, right?! :)

  7. Oh it was quite hilarious! Now looking back, that is...haha!

  8. Cracking up from the e-card and your flying experience with a toddler. Can relate to all :) Have a great weekend!


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