Friday, January 24, 2014


Happy Friday friends!
I am linking up again with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha for Five on Friday!
You know what that means? I'm home for once! Bless it!

Mommy and Coop at the park today.
After 12 days away from my little last week, I'm still obsessed with being with him for every second. Y'all I can't get enough. This age is so darn fun.
The only problem we're having over here is playing well with others. He doesn't like peeps up in his grill when mom is around. Although notes from school say things like "kind to his friends" and "shares well" I'm positive that they must be lies. All lies.

TAGstore Boxes
One of my (two) resolutions was to organize small spaces in my home. 
I'm happy to report that this project is....going.
I found these boxes at Container Store and grabbed a couple.
I love them!
 I've already labeled one Crayons/Markers and the other Crafts and they fit perfectly in our closet shelving. You can buy more tabs as you change what your storing.

The Book Thief
I'm a huge reader and while on vacation, per many folks suggestions, I read The Book Thief.  If you're looking for a new book, I highly suggest it!
It's a unique perspective on World War II (on life during those times, not so much the war or terrible things that were happening) and it's characters totally draw you in. Hang in there at the beginning, the author spends a lot of time setting up characters, but it's worth it!

I reached the 16-week mark today! 
I'm four months preggers y'all!
I'm so excited about my 2nd trimester. I learned from the first go-around that this is the time to get stuff done: the nursery, my son's big boy room, all of it. Third trimester, for me, is just not the time to "be productive." I can't wait to get started!

Also on my mind is the delivery.
I had a C-Section with my son and the moment I got pregnant I started thinking about my delivery with this baby. Scheduled c-section or VBAC?
VBACs are supported my doctor and the hospital where I'll deliver ; I'm lucky it's even an option. I think it'll take me the full 9-months to decide what's best for me. Anyone else go through a similar situation?

Weekend plans...
Who's with me?
Have a great weekend!

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