Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: The load you carry.

Not only is this so darn true, but I wish someone would have reminded me of this earlier in life.
Some of the people that I most admire personally and professionally have a can-do, positive attitude in all circumstances. They are the kind of people who never lose confidence in themselves, and take the unexpected or difficult situation in stride- never letting it rock their world too much.

Professionally, it only took me about a DECADE to not take everything that didn't go my way personally. Or to not let things crush me to the point I was almost paralyzed. Sometimes personally I still have to work on it. 

When I first started writing this little "Wisdom" Wednesday ditty, it always came back to what I had learned or how I could grow. It still does sometimes. But 9 times out of 10, it's about what I want my children (eek there's going to be two!!) to know as they grow into society-offering, decision-making humans.
I want Cooper to know that it's not the situation that makes you weak. 
If situations controlled our happiness and life than we would go through life depressed, insecure and unhappy because life isn't fair and it doesn't always go the way we want. (Remember that time I didn't make the 8th grade volleyball team?). 

What it's really about is how he handles that situation. He can choose to give the situation power and let it control him. We all know how this goes. 

Or he can take the power back in how he reacts to the problem. He can choose to work it towards something good and learn something. I hope he learns that a lot of things won't go his way and that's okay. To take it with a grain of salt, not let it discourage you, get right back up, and never give up on a goal. There's always a Plan B.
 Note to self, Lauren, re-read this post every week.
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