Monday, April 21, 2014

Keeping it Real.

I've been so unmotivated lately, y'all. 
On the blog and on any other tangible goal I've set for myself lately.
Thank you notes? 
Put 'em off.
Pick up that toy that's been sitting on the steps for a week now? 
Honestly, who even notices anymore.

I had grand plans for the blog, y'all - share my pregnancy must-haves, Coop's finished toddler room, baby boy's new abode; but let me tell you what I do...
Chase toddlers. 
Take them to and fro. 
Clean my kitchen like all day long (why can it never stay clean?)
And watch General Hospital during nap-time. 

When I am on the computer lately it's all about what's happening on People and I'm a total snooze-fest.  What happened to that third trimester "get stuff done" and "nesting" mentality? More like want-to-be-napping and definitely-not-stressing-about-stuff-getting, well, done

Here's a few things that you can bet your last dollar are always done around here still: fresh flowers in the kitchen, a made bed in the master, and an overstock of dry shampoo. Yeah, I said it. I don't wash my hair a lot and pretty flowers make me feel like my house is pulled together.
In other news, the bambino started to hiccup and I, er, the "Easter Bunny", gave Cooper 'Thomas the Train' (aka Choo Choo) underwear. He loves them! Loves putting them on and taking them off, carrying them around and throwing them up above his head in uncontrollable joy!
Yes that is a farmer's tan you see. The kid tans, unlike his mother.
Here's what he doesn't like- wearing them. Completely freaks him out.
Terrified Coop asking daddy to please take off the undies!!
I'll keep you posted on how that works once potty training starts. 
Real life people. Happy week, folks!


  1. chasing toddlers to and fro is a full time job. . . that's for sure. but hey, fresh flowers, dry shampoo, and cute choo-choo underwear are definitely all things to celebrate :)

    1. Fo sho! There really is no problem fresh flowers can't solve.


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