Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musings & Coop's Two Year Photos.

Good Monday morning to you!

Well I turned 32 last week and it was AWESOME.
I feel very content at 32 - like I'm right where I want to be. I really love where life is right now; I know these years of young ones and pregnancies will be quick but they are so darn fun!

Now I'm not into weekly bump pictures and such but Jeff and I celebrated numero 3-2 at the George Strait concert, (which blew my mind PS), and we took this picture right around 1AM when we got home. Because how often am I rockin' a dress and cowboy boots these days?
(Extremely tired)
26-weeks at 32-years.
Here's some pregnancy updates:

1. LOW ENERGY. During my first pregnancy I had so much energy! At 40-weeks with Cooper I lapped a local park twice for a total of 6-miles trying to will this child out of me. I can't even IMAGINE doing that during this pregnancy. I am trying my hardest to stay active and healthy but it takes it out of me.

2. NO NAME. When we found out it was a boy with my Coop-man we knew right away what his name would be. This time? Nada. We have three names that we mull over, but there's just not that sense of urgency to decide this time. It may be a game time decision.

3. EVERY TWO WEEKS. We are now in our third trimester and go to our doc every two weeks until this baby arrives! That went fast. 

4. NURSERY UPDATE. Since I moved Coop I have an open room to work with. I am using Coop's furniture but did order new bedding and am still playing around with a rug and window. Per my us- it's taking a while. I did get Coop's clothes out, organized, and ready to wash. Goal completion: early June.

I also got to spend some time celebrating our second little boy-to-be this weekend, at a Sprinkle friends threw for me and my friend Patricia. We got pampered, enjoyed waffles and mimosas and had such a wonderful Sunday celebrating our babes upcoming arrival. I love to laugh and do life with these girls.
Happy Sprinkle!
And...can you believe I got Coop's two-year photos in the mail on my birthday? I was SO happy to get my hands on these gems. Our photographer was awesome and I feel like she captured Coop perfectly at this age! It was a chilly February day in Colorado!

Wishing everyone a lovely week!

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