Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moving on.

Oh hey friends! It's been a bit. 
Our little family grew, as you know, but then it moved...
Yours truly did a little part-time work on an event for a cause very close to my heart...

And we have been doing a little, oh okay, a LOT of work renovating our new house. Not for the faint of heart, I assure you!

I'd be lying if I told you I haven't been overwhelmed. SO buried that I could literally not tell you where my feet were; that's buried deep y'all. 

But alas!
My event has passed, we survived a trip to visit family and friends in Texas, and now I am excited to get our little family back into a routine and work on making this new house of ours a home.
The casa.
Speaking of homes, I'd like to share a quick ode to the one I left behind.

The first home that I was a part of searching for and purchased. (My husband, well he's a different story, but we'd need a whole month devoted to that! Kidding honey).
The home that I found out I was pregnant in...twice.

The home I learned how to be a mom in, and my husband, a dad.
The home where I specifically remember the moment I understood love. Truly understood how wonderful and painful love can be; this being the unconditional love for a child.
The home I brought both my boys too. 
The home that saw tears and joy. Love and sorrow. 
Where I learned my Grandfather had passed. 
Where I brought new friendships too and watched them grow into life-long ones. 

The home near South Pearl Street. 
An area that cemented my love for Denver. Where I realized, I can do this, I can live away from my family and make this city...my home.

I had no idea how sappy I would be leaving the house, and funny enough, I haven't missed it a day since we left. However, when I was standing in my empty kitchen as we moved the last of our things out bawling like a baby, I realized just how much this home meant to me. It represents a home of firsts and a neighborhood, South Pearl, that will go down in the books as one of the best.
Thanks for the memories, old home of ours.


  1. SO SWEET. and so true, its crazy hard to say goodbye to something that holds that many memories!!!

  2. so true - so hard! I think maybe the act of closing a chapter of life? such a bittersweet time:).


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