Friday, October 31, 2014

Oh, hey there, hey!

Happy Halloween, y'all! 

I don't do crafts so I'm not the best at this holiday, but I still love it because it ushers in (or out in my case) my favorite time of the year, the fall.

Life is so much fun right now. It revolves around my children and my kitchen (long story), and free time that I have is poured into, oh I don't know, a SHOWER,
or DVR'd shows,

So here goes our Lately.
Words can't express the joy Police-car-man Coop brings to my life. He is kind, busy, and funny. Two years, eight months now. Coop is a riot. 

His favorite song is Taylor Swift's "Trouble." He requests it ("E-E-E Mommy?) every car ride. Every time it ends. All the time. I'm 90% sure his next favorite will be Taylor's "Shake It Off." What is it with her tunes? I hope I NEVER forget what he sounds like when he sings to this jam.

Each morning he tells me to hurry up and get out of bed because the SUN IS UP, MOM! 

When he goes potty, he sits down, spreads those legs, and literally folds over on his tummy and holds on to the bottom neck of the toilet, because OBVIOUSLY! he does not want to pee on the floor. He does this even in public places. Even yesterday in Sherwin Williams.

He is independent, and must do everything himself. 
He is very kind-natured and non-confrontational. Where he gets that I have from I have NO idea.

He loves Team Umizoomi. Yeah, you may have to look it up. Also high on his love-list are trains and trucks. Today we talked extensively about the fuel tanker and garbage truck we saw when we were driving. I'm sure all you girl moms can COMPLETELY understand. I find myself getting excited when I see trucks now, "Oooh a digger! Look, a digger!" Even when driving alone.

He is SO adaptable. He can sleep in his bed, your bed, a mattress in the corner, it just doesn't matter. 

He asks me to kiss Ben every morning and likes to rub his head like a dog.

He likes to talk through things. He recites who his Mommy, Daddy and brother are. "My mommy is Lauren." He even said "Goodbye Lauren!" The other day when I dropped him off at preschool.

He likes to talk about what he just did, but if you can imagine drawing out the last word in every sentence it goes like this: "I took a baaaaaath...I played with tooyyyyyssss...I ate some chickeeeennnn...I saw my friend Thomasssss..." 
He is my soul.

And then there's this handsome devil.
Ben is 3-and-half-months now. I am SO attached to Ben. And him to me, which is a bit complicated when I leave him with sitters or the church nursery. He's a screamer y'all.
I'm less "on a schedule" with Ben than I was with Cooper. He nurses every 3-4 hours depending on how the day is going. He is a rockstar car-seat napper and will nap 2-3 hours in that thing. Not so much in the crib. We're working on our crib naps, but I can't complain because by 7PM he's ready for bed and I typically don't hear from him until around 3 or 5AM. Eight hour stretches are DIVINE.
He started grabbing for things this week - and I quickly refreshed my Oball collection and other toys to keep him entertained with and touch. I can't wait for him to start coming into his own as he explores and notices the world around him. 
He is my heart.

So with that, I bid you a Happy Halloween! 
I'll be sure to share pictures of my law makers (and breakers) here and on Instagram.

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