Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Living outside your circumstances.

You . Guys.
I have GREAT news. I'm coming out of the fog!

Well not all the way out of the fog quite yet, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
It is slowly lifting due to a (mostly) finished full house renovation, a 12-hour sleeping through the night babe, and also I'm just trying to be a healthier human. 
I am one of those that loves, no THRIVES, NO! Does NOT FUNCTION well when my home-base, routine, day-to-day, well you get it, when all of that is not in order. I am a creature of habit, a home-body, the type of person that orders the same thing at the same restaurant, ev-ery time.

And since Baby B was born we just haven't had a normal. For example, earlier this year I fed him lunch in his johnny-jumper IN the master bedroom (because our kitchen was demolished); and the whole time I was thinking, well at least he's eating! Can I get an Amen? 

One trait I am constantly in awe of in others is the ability to be content no matter the circumstances. I'll admit, it has often been a struggle over the last 8-months. What a sense of stability it must be to be able to remain above whatever is going on in your world.  Now as the see-saw is slowly returning back to the center and I feel like I'm catching my breath once again, I'm realizing what a waste of time it is to let a situation or circumstance drain me so much personally. Life goes on folks, and if you don't find the positive perspective in the negative moments than the situation wins. And you lose. And NO ONE likes a loser, okay?

So, okay. I'm probably going to keep ordering the Pad Thai at the local Thai place because it tastes really good and I always regret when I change my order. BUT, I'm going to take a step back when I find myself allowing the situation to control my emotions. And I'm going to work really hard to choose to be joyful in the crazy. 

How do you balance the chaos?

To inner peace, y'all.

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