Friday, March 20, 2015

Weeks wrap-up (vol 1)

Greetings friends!

This week was weird; weird like busy. I don't want to complain because I got a surprise trip to the Garth Brooks concert, a hockey game, and dinner with friends two days in a row. Fun right? Like, need a nap fun.Y'all I get stressed when I have more than one activity in two consecutive days. Am I the only one that thrives on quiet and being alone? Non-busy-ness?

ONE. Y'all it's here, it's here!
Welcome spring!!
No seriously, WELCOME. And like, STAY AWHILE.
Please and thank you.
-Love your Colorado mamas who just want to go to the park already.

TWO. Let's talk the two cutest boys that ever were.
Gawsh. They just love each other so much.
The kindest, most compassionate little boy.
Spunky, independent and lovable.
Seeing double? I think I left my genes back in Texas.
THREE. Loving this article: Gentle C-Sections
When I read this article my heart lifted. As someone who has to give birth via c-section, I read this article and felt like I let out a big breath of air that I've been holding in for awhile. Like I can change the tone of my story. Take a read: Family Centered Gentle C-Sections.

FOUR. Napa rewind
My husband surprised me with a trip to Napa for our 5-year anniversary and y'all. It was the best trip ever. We totally spoiled ourselves, relaxed, started AND finished conversations and not once did I rush around. It was worry-free and the best gift he could have given me. I've been to wine country several times (we got engaged there) and I will tell you my favorite things this trip were:
and homegrown winery/history tour at Chase Family Vineyards

ALERT! ALERT! It's Triple Points weekend at Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom Notes, I love Nordstrom coffee, I LOVE NORDSTROM.
Looking forward to time with family this weekend, and enjoying this beautiful SPRING weather! While it lasts. Have a great weekend, friends!

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