Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday morning what-have-you's.

Happy Monday friends!
"Mom, you just farted in your mouth." 
I was just minding my own business feeding Ben a banana. To clarify: no burping.
"Don't talk to me that way!" 
I just asked him to wash his hands.
"It's okay Ben, here I am." 
To his brother when he is crying.
"Look mommy, I picked you a flower!"
You can see we are on the roller coaster ride that is having a three year old. Anyone else in this boat?

Some close friends and I have a monthly-ish dinner and rotate who hosts. This weekend it was my night. I went for a tapas theme and loved an excuse to get my table dressed up. Er, set. And what is it about fresh flowers that makes life a little brighter?
Appetizer Plates / Placemat / Jars / Table
I'm starting to focus on getting my master bedroom decorated, finally. This has fallen way to the bottom of my to-do list since we moved and I'm ready to hang things on walls and make it a cozy space. It needs it! I love this space from Megan's home at Honey We're Home. I'm a neutral gal and love her neutral master. How simple and classy?
Go get 'em today, friends.


  1. We are also currently on the roller coaster named toddler. And man. What a ride! At least you got an adorable flower after mouth farting? And that neutral bedroom? GORGEOUS!

    1. Oh girl, it is SOMETHING isn't it? We've ordered a new bed that comes in JULY so I have plenty of time to get my sh** together. xo

  2. LOVE Megan's bedroom! It's perfectly neutral without being boring. And beautiful flowers - hydrangea's are my favorite!

    1. I love her style. My only beef against hydrangeas is, I can't keep them alive very long! User error?!?


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