Monday, January 16, 2017

My advice for traveling with young kids.

There is no good advice and anyone who tells you they have some is lying.
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After a family vacation that involved 10-hours of flying time (give or take a strong tailwind) I feel like I got to know a lot about parents traveling with young toddlers.

You've got the laid back mom who just oozes cool. She's not easily frazzled, and usually the baby in her lap is well behaved. Oh and yeah, there is only the one baby so that may explain it.

You've got the mom who packed all the diapers in her checked-baggage gosh darn it, it's her first time flying and she's panicked. She embarrassingly approaches you asking if she can borrow a diaper. You give her five.

And then you've got the dad with the crying 2-year old who was not seated next to his wife on the airplane and he cannot handle the toddler tears. He is so frustrated that he stands up during taxi and screams at his wife to "come get this child." He has come unhinged, and the plane hasn't even taken off. Everyone stares.

Yes traveling with young kids is the ultimate adventure before the adventure and physically and emotionally exhausting. You can have all the snacks, all the iPads and pray to the all the airplane gods that you get a whole row to yourself and yet still, that little person decides to scream and buck and you're screwed.

But then, as you are cursing yourself for ever thinking this was a good idea in the first place, you arrive at your destination. You see your children see things for the first time. You see them laughing and playing together (or let's be honest pull hair and punch faces) and as you have new experiences and memories as a family it becomes worth it.

I felt like I really got to see my children's individual personalities this week. Life moves so fast with three young kids. It's a lot of activities, preparing to leave for activities, following schedules and cleaning the kitchen. One week with my sole job to just be and play with them was refreshing. Traveling with young kids reminded me to slow down and enjoy - not just survive - the chaos.

So my groundbreaking advice? Haha and good luck.

And just do it.
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  1. Love this advice! Just do it! We've traveled with our kid ever since he was 9 months old. He's flown plenty of times now and we're flying to Europe in a month with him. I feel like if you think it's going to be stressful, it will be. If you just chill out and let it roll, everything will be fine and fun!

    1. You are my hero Kristan! My husband gave me the push to make this trip and I'm SO glad he did. It all will just be what it will be! And they adapt, as they always do:).

  2. You are strong momma!! I'm scared to travel in the car for four hours much less a plane for 10! I agree though... it is so worth it in the end!

    1. Cars scare me too Mary! Almost more because you can't walk around with them, BUT you don't risk ruining everyone else's trip around you. And I should note I need a massage from all the child holding. IT HURTS SO BAD. :)

  3. Perfect!! I was that mom that only packed three diapers in our carry on and of course we used them all before landing in Mexico. My daughter pooped about an hour away. So I packed a bunch of toilet paper in her pants and called it good! Lol. At least there was no meltdowns.

  4. Amazing advice. We just did a 12 hour road trip with one toddler. I can't imagine 3!

  5. We've never been on a plane with our kids, but we have made some road trips. I'm that mom that overpacks and tries to think of everything her kids might want/need, while my husband is more one to "wing it". haha


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