Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017, from the trenches.

Happy New Year friends!
Let's dish on 2016. How was it for you? What adjectives would you use to describe your year?

For me 2016 was a whirlwind and a blur. It was survival mode with a new baby, a 1-year old and a 3-year old. It was a gigantic exhale at the end of every day when all three were asleep. It was collapsing into my bed minutes afterwards. It was little sleep, lots of coffee, a glass of chardonnay at 5PM and no later, and busy-ness. Free-time was spent with my husband, nap-time was spent exercising in my bedroom, me-time was spent asleep in bed by 8pm.

I've been deep in the mom-trenches. I've learned that when you're in the trenches you tend to get smaller and smaller, a little less you, and a lot more them. The kids (1-2-3), the spouse, and the damn dogs that keep wanting to go out.
2016 has also been one of the sweetest years of my life. Today I was washing dishes and I felt my little lady tug on my pant leg to stand. It made me pause. I hope I never forget what this moment and this time in my life feels like. Busy? Sure. But needed, sweet and fleeting.
The mom-trenches; that's where I've been. And though I'm digging out a bit, I imagine I'll be here for the next few years. Anyone with me?

Now let's chat 2017.

You ever watch a race - and there's always that one person in the back flailing their arms and trying desperately to catch up? They cross the finish line eventually, but it ain't pretty and it's dead last. Seen those guys? That was me in 2016.

This year, so help me Lord and blog-readers, I will be less reactive. I will be less flailing, in fact I may soon be the one waving from the front. I will be so on top of things you won't even recognize me.

So to 2017...I see you. I am on you like white on rice and I assure you, you are not ready for me. (Drops the mic). (Picks it back up because there are small choking parts).

Wishing all of you, especially those with me in the trenches, a very happy start to the New Year.

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  1. Oh girl you have definitely been in the trenches with 3 littles! It's weird because my boys are a little bigger now but instead of feeling like I have it figured out I feel like I'm entering a whole different kind of exhaustion; motherhood is a ride for sure! <3

    1. Gillian, so you're saying there's hope?!? It's okay. We'll return to ourselves in the next 18-years.

  2. I loved this! And I so feel you! This last year I had a baby and a 1 and 3 year old. Three under 4 is NO joke

    1. Here is my theory: it's not so much the 3 kids as the ages - and 1 and 3 ARE THE TOUGH ONES. We can do hard things:)!


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