Monday, February 10, 2014

Big Boy Room.

Happy, happy Monday y'all - I love a good Monday.
Something about the excitement of a new week - new slate, just feels really good.
Why does this make me laugh?
Recently I started thinking about Cooper's big boy room!
Cooper loves his crib and shows no desire to crawl out, which is so nice. However we plan to move the baby into his nursery (maybe switch up some bedding and such), and move Cooper to another room in the house.

So my plan is to get the room ready sooner than later, slowly let him play in it, take naps in it, and a couple months before the baby is born make the official switch. 

 I've mentioned this on the blog before, but it takes me a while to complete a room- NOT pregnant. When I was knocked up with Cooper I literally could not finish his room, or even really get started. I was a mess. I don't want that to happen this time around, when I have two rooms to finish. So I'm grabbing the bull by the horn and starting now!

Here was my initial inspiration for the room:
Kenwood Bed, Restoration Hardware
I am OBSESSED with this bed, but it costs, wait for it...$800! 
I decided this wasn't the best idea for a first bed, maybe a bed that he'll be in for years and years, and maybe after I pinch pennies for awhile. Or maybe never.

So I decided to go with a transition bed, and hit up my new favorite store Ikea in hopes for finding a similar-ish style bed.
Sundvik Bed, Ikea
I settled on this gem, and snagged on sale for $90. AND it has built in rails! Perfect for a first bed. I imagine it'll last him 2-3 years and then we can think about the upgrade.

Here is my idea board for the room:

Coop's Big Boy Room

The furniture is all Ikea, bedding Pottery Barn, I got a few more inspiration pieces from Restoration Hardware Kids, and the National Parks artwork I found over at the Good Life Blog.
And, here's the room we're working with (don't mind our mess, we've been moving furniture out):
Yep, it's small but I think we can make it nice and cozy.
I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Happy week y'all!


  1. Love this!!! Been working on G's big boy room and praying he can hold off another month until we move. Don't you love Darci's ideas for Jackson's room?? I need you two to come help me! :)

  2. Oh I'm sure it'll be DARLING, knowing you! Do you know where you're moving? We're constantly on the "lookout" but in no rush:). xo LK


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