Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wisdom Wednesday: Days Like These.

You know those days that don't quite go your way? 
In fact, they tend to go every way but yours?
It has been those type of days lately.

I'm talking car damage, utensil damage, forgetfulness, parking tickets, up all night with a toddler cough...type of days.
I've caught myself more than once leaving the water faucet running. 

But through all this I try to remind myself:
It's hard sometimes to find joy in a smoke-filled kitchen or sleepless nights.
But one thing I try to do here on this blog is to "find the funny." I learned this very quickly after I had Cooper, when so much that happens in life with a newborn is hilarious. Maybe not-in-the-moment funny, but funny nonetheless.
If there's one thing I learn more and more everyday with a child (and pregnancy brain), it's that you can't take anything too seriously. These moments will pass; our kids will be grown before we know it. Days with babies will turn to days with teenagers and I'll probably miss that age Cooper was when he poured his pee from the potty onto the floor (trying to be helpful, by the way); that curious, can-do-it-myself attitude that soaks up everything you say and do like a sponge.

So I try to choose to smile and to laugh during days like these. 
When I catch myself getting upset I try to remind myself to "laugh at the confusion." It doesn't always work out that way, but I find the more I try, the less stressed I feel. The happier I am. 

Bring it, today.

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