Monday, February 17, 2014

Cooper's Birthday Week!

Did everyone have a happy heart day?
Listen, I'm as into flowers and chocolates as the next guy, but I don't really get into it past that. It kind-of stresses me out. I did take some snaps though.
And I bought Coop some PJs and a cookie. You're welcome Cooper.
Most patient dog ever.
My little love, take one...
...and two.
Well mark this down as the fastest year of my life.
A year around here is judged by Coop's birthday, not January 1, and it is this week!
There have been so many changes this year with Cooper, though not milestones and 'firsts' they are equally as exciting; just not documented as much. Mommy fail.

A lot of little things changed like more hair, more words, more understanding, more adventurous, bigger clothes...well you get it. More of all that. It's been a fun year.

This week is a big week for our family!

Cooper turns two on Thursday...
Last year he loved all the attention.
Just kidding!
We find out the gender of our newest little family member on Friday...
And we get to do it with close family and friends who will be in town!
And we have a party to celebrate our sweet boy on Saturday with friends and family!
I can't wait to share pictures of the week soon.
Lots to celebrate this week, and we feel so fortunate...what a year!

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