Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Maternity Must-Haves.

Somehow, someway, I have just over two months until I get to meet this sweet little boy.

Sometimes I don't spend enough time wondering about who this little person is. What will he look like? What will he be like? Everyone keeps telling me to expect the opposite of Cooper, which I'm sure will be true. But my family tend to have men that are sensitive, laid-back, and non-aggressive, which describes Jeff and now Coop to a tee. 

So, when I think of this peanut, that's what I picture (Lord help me if we ever have a girl). Oh, and this:
Because that is what I feel in my side all day. Feet. Toes. Kicks.
It's the best feeling in the world.

I haven't been able to rely on my last pregnancy wardrobe this go-around, because I have the good fortune of being pregnant both seasons this year, and during my last pregnancy I worked full time and all of my clothes were professional-wear. I had very few stay-at-home-mom casual pieces. Thus, I've been on the hunt for cute, casual clothes.
Maternity Must-Haves

1. Secret Fit Belly(r) Ponte Maternity Leggings | A Pea in the Pod. My all time favorite thing I own. I would wear this every day if I could. It's my go-to gift for newly pregnant moms and everyone I've loaned these to has loved them.

2. Jessica Simpson Long Secret Fit Belly(r) 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Maternity. I got these on sale at Macy's and roll them up and wear them Boyfriend style. They are very comfortable, stylish, and it has the tan belly band (versus navy) which is so helpful when you are wearing lighter tops. I own several pairs of maternity jeans, from Joe's to Seven's, and these are the most comfortable.

3. Maternity Old Navy Active Compression Pants. I searched high and low for these workout pants and highly recommend them. They have the full fit belly band and are the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. My fit ends at the calf (haven't been able to find that shorter fit since) and they are the best. 

4. Old Navy Maternity Slub Knit V Neck Tees. I own this shirt in like, three colors. It's so boring, but it works, and it fits my body perfectly. 

5. Basq bath body product. Annoyingly, I didn't get stretch marks until week 41 with Cooper. Literally, WEEK FORTY-ONE. I've tried a lot of creams, and this pregnancy I've been diligent about applying it daily. It's the best one I've tried. I usually purchase on Amazon.

I have many other things that I love when it comes to maternity-gear, but these are my faves! Most dressier items I wear tend to be a larger size of non-maternity clothes. Bless it! I'd like to thank designers for actually making clothes that are fun to wear during pregnancy.

And there ya have it. 

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