Saturday, May 24, 2014


Yesterday I lost my belly button.
Like, I looked down and just couldn't see it anymore. 
It's not sticking out per say but it's not...normal. Just flat. And smooth.

In other news, can I brag about the short kid for a little bit?
Life rocks!
He finished up his first year of pre-school this week. 
I know for sure this has made a difference in his little life, he got to be loved on by teachers, meet new friends, learn to eat and take naps outside of his mom or family's house, and it has especially given his personality a place to shine. 
September 2013
When I dropped him off last fall he ran into the room and immediately started playing. That's how the rest of the year has been, and that's so reflective of his personality. 
He is independent and self-sufficient. He honestly has very little moments when he wants me or his daddy. There is at least one time a day he goes into his room, shuts the door, and plays by himself for half an hour. He likes his alone time. He is a good listener, good at following directions (we have our moments don't you worry), and he is a very non-aggressive little boy. You will never see him hit or push...yet.
And I'll just say it - since Cooper has started pre-school my quality of life is soooo much better. You forget how much you miss time to yourself (even driving in the car alone is a luxury). You forget how much you just need...quiet every now and then. The first time I dropped him off at school I went to get a bagel and coffee and just ate it in my kitchen in silence. It was such glorious freedom! 
We have a two week break until "Summer Camp" (aka school in June and July) starts up and I'm excited to soak in some time with Coop alone before Number Two comes along. Cooper has no idea how much his life is about to change. 
 I'm excited to see how much Cooper grows and changes over the next school year. His new class will teach the kids more routine, rules and responsibilities. Less coddling. This year he will also take on the role as "Big Brother" and I can't wait to see who that allows him become. He always makes me proud.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh the alone time! I cherish it SO much! Even just peeing by myself is something to celebrate! And cooper is going to be the cutest big brother- I can't wait to see sibling shots!

  2. Such a sweet, handsome boy! He will be the best big brother!!!

    1. I'm excited to see how he is...can't wait:)!


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