Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Update.

When I started this ole blog I had just stopped working at a job I loved to become a stay-at-home mom. I didn't know what to do with all my down-time and considering I documented every half minute of my newborn's life I thought it would be a fun place to share photos and stories. 

I came across one of my first blog entries the other day about Coop. As you can tell I very early on found parenting hilarious. Here's my first post about Coop, which makes me get excited about another newborn about to enter our lives. I mean, family of FOUR. When did that happen?
Excuse my missing pics, sadly when the blog transferred over to a new name my pics went missing!
Fast forward two years and now I can't seem to find down-time.
Even when I have a little break while Coop's at school, time is spent running errands, working out, doing laundry, prepping meals, well you get it. Hats off to all you working mamas, I have no clue how you balance it all.

So, if you still follow along, bless you.
I promise to get better, especially on my Wednesday posts. Here's our update:

Coop's still really cute.
Lady. Killer.
He's been riding horses at his Uncle Bubba's house:
I mean, pure joy. Thanks Aunt Sarah!
He's been eating ice cream more often (his brother MUST have it once a week):
Yup that there is ice cream on the hat. It gets serious.
He also started requesting and singing the song from Frozen over, and over, and over again. 
I thought we had avoided the Frozen phenomenon after we watched the movie on Mother's Day and he HATED it. He was however very concerned about the horse. "Where hose go mommy? Hose? Hose mommy!"

Anyways, after his first Rockie's game this past weekend...
Ice cream. Again.
...he heard the "Let It Go" song again (yes at a baseball game of all places) and he is AH-bsessed. What is it about that one line? Toddler gold mine.

And I'm 33-weeks pregnant.
* 7-weeks to go and I feel like a beeched whale; however when I see pictures of myself I am much, much, MUCH smaller than I was with the Coop-man.
* I am hungry all the time. Even after dinner.
* I get sick if I eat too much, not enough, too greasy, too heavy, or go to long between meals.
* I'm back on the La Croix lime, due to third trimester nausea. See above.
* I started working part-time. Funny right? Who does that severely pregnant and about to have a newborn? But it's been so manageable and fun to plug in again.
*The nursery is almost done. I'll share soon!
See you soon!


  1. How do you happen to be the cutest ever at 33 weeks? I see no beached whale syndrome anywhere.

  2. You look fabulous mama!!! And I cannot get over that doll of yours. The pic on the horse...seriously the cutest thing ever! And details on your new gig please!


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