Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cocktail Hour: Blueberry Vodka Spritzer

I'm starting to accept that summer is winding down.
We will soon be saying goodbye to our sprawling summer garden (insert intense sarcasm here), our many hours clocked at the park and pool - and will be saying hello to a sure-t0-be gorgeous Colorado fall. Hopefully followed SLOWLY by winter. IE: more fall, less winter. Got it Denver?

I'm getting all sentimental about savoring the last of summer. So I say, let's go out with a cheers!

Lately I've been craving not wine, but a refreshing, fruity, light, spritzer-like  blueberry vodka cocktail.
photo (2)
I think it's been years since I've actually bought a bottle of vodka, and it felt a little...scandalous with a toddler in tow. Alas, it was time!

When it comes to making cocktails, I like simple and low-calorie. There were a lot of homemade simple syrup recipes on Pinterest, but REALLY, who has time for that?! I threw this together over the weekend it was so delicious. Whoever invented flavored vodka is a genius.
photo (4)
Blueberry Mint Vodka Spritzer Cocktail
Ice in glass
1 ounce blueberry vodka
Sparkling lime water to taste
(Very picky on this. Finally settled on our Safeway brand.)
1 slice lemon halved and squeezed in glass
Few leaves mint
Handful blueberries

Blueberry Mint Vodka Spritzer Mock-tail
Replace the vodka with a splash of grenadine or cranberry juice
Voila! Isn't it pretty?
photo (3)
Yum! If it wasn't 9 o'clock in the morning I'd totally be down for one of these.


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