Monday, August 5, 2013


Happy Monday y'all!

Well I have news. My fabulous in-laws took my sweet boy for a visit at their house thus we are toddler-less  for a few days. I have no idea what to do with myself.

On many occasions, the hubs and I will look at each other, usually when we're on home from dinner by 7pm on a Saturday night, and say "remember, when we used to be cool?"

And we WERE y'all, we went to dinner AT 8PM, sometimes to a trendy bar for a drink; but mainly, we did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted to.

Oh, the days.

So what did we do with our first day of freedom? Here's a little peak into our day in pictures

First, I rode a bike. My bike. 
To buy hiking shoes for a 14'er that we are hiking in a couple weeks.
How very Colorado of me.
photo (5)
Then we ate lunch on the Ale House patio in The Highlands neighborhood.

And drank a beer (Colorado brew obvi):
photo (8)
What a view:
photo (7)And finally, we walked the couple blocks up to my favorite street, South Pearl Street, (blog name-sake woot woot), for dinner at the newly remodeled Izakaya Den.

It seriously feels like you are walking into a New York City restaurant. Amaze.
photo (6)
photo (4)
And check out this sunset on the walk home?
Does the picture capture it?
photo (9)
And now, back to reality.

I have a list as long as the third book of the Twilight series that I need to get done around here before I get my little nugget back.

"Making time for ourselves is a necessary aspect of human function. Without taking time to regroup, rejuvenate,  pamper and collect our thoughts,we will not be a help to the people who depend on us." -Audrey Busciglio, The Happier Life

I am so thankful today for time to regroup.

For family that Cooper just adores, who also offer to watch him and who I completely trust. On both sides of the fam.

Now please send good organizational vibes my way! Project Get Your s*&t together is underway at mi casa! And it starts with the kitchen.


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  1. SO jealous of your time sans the little one! I don't know what I would do with all that time...oh wait, sleep! :)


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