Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy half-birthday Coop!

Today is Cooper's half-birthday!

I took some snap shots of this sweet boy today to commemorate the occasion:
CPK 18
18-months ago:
CPK newborn
Celebrating his first half birthday:
CPK 6-mo
Nowadays he has MUCH more hair and teeth, thank goodness, runs fast and prefers his dad, his grandparents, his golf clubs, and your purse over his mom. I'm now considering therapy.
CPK 18-2
He has a touch of a temper, looks super cute in red and blue and gets really frustrated when he trips and falls.

He likes to brush his teeth, steal tissue and hide it in our decorative objects, and put things in bags and carry them around the house over his shoulder. He likes to wave but won't do it on command, and he secretly swats at the dogs but when I catch him he acts like he's hugging them.

He has my heart.

Happy 18-months little buddy!

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