Monday, December 16, 2013

Kitchens on the mind.

Good Monday morning friends! I hope you had a good weekend!

Does everyone have their Christmas loot? I am hoping to wrap up my Christmas shopping this week while Coop is in preschool. It's a race against the clock, really. I only just ordered my Merry Christmas Happy New Years cards. That's the kind of year I'm having over here. A "can't-seem-to-catch-up," "always-a-bit-behind" kind-of year. 
So in the spirit of procrastination, I've been dreaming of kitchens. 
Now I adore my kitchen, it's one of my favorite parts of this little bungalow. 

But it is my dream to build our own kitchen one day. (A girl can dream, no?)
A couple of our good friends just did it, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the idea of being able to set the tone for our house. 

I keep finding myself staring at these pictures lately:
Other than the yellow island, this kitchen is perfection!
Love the wood on this island. Double as a cutting board?

Can you tell I like white cabinetry?

Alright, now that I've gotten all that out hopefully I can focus on the task at hand.
Have a great week!

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