Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Holiday calm.

Or is it calm before the storm? Hah!
Either way, is anyone else feeling calm this Christmas?
Today I officially wrapped up all of my holiday shopping.
Like literally.  I wrapped all of my gifts and even put them under the tree for good measure.

I don't know if it's a fleeting feeling, but I feel very calm this Christmas. 
I don't feel rushed or anxious. 
I don't feel like the season flew by.
I feel like I've soaked it all in. 
Am still soaking; playing Christmas music all day, and looking at my tree still never gets less magical.
It's funny as you get older and know yourself a little better .
You hone in more on what makes you anxious or stressed. Or you just generally know that nothing is EVER as big of a deal as you used to make it - so relax already!

Whatever it is, I have just been feeling very present.
Maybe it's better pre-planning and more time (thank you Jesus for Parents Day Out), but I actually feel on top of things and thus un-stressed.

Which thankfully makes room for a lot more important feelings, like gratitude and contentment.
I hope you are feeling it too, friends!

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