Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ikea Dresser Transformation

Good morning to you!

We are slow moving over here today, but I'm excited to share Cooper's dresser that I finished last week for his new room.

My goal for his room is to keep it cheap and simple. We'll be moving sometime soon, and in a couple years I'll upgrade his bed and such, but for now we are in a tiny room that fits a bed and a dresser, and that's about it.
I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a dresser, and didn't want to get an old dresser to re-do because they're just not as sturdy, and sturdiness is critical with a two year old. So, I settled on this Tarva 6-drawer pine wood dresser.

Ikea (they're brilliant I tell you), came out with a line of plain wood dressers that are up to the buyer to stain, paint, etc. So I grabbed one and got to work. Everything in his room is deep navy and reds, so I wanted to go pretty neutral. I decided on an antique white.

I recently fell in love with a store in Denver that refurbishes old furniture into unique pieces, and it was there I was introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. She has so many techniques but I am so not crafty, so I kept it simple.

Step One: One coat of paint on top, side, drawers. 
Step Two: Once paint dries, add second coat of paint.
Step Three: Apply soft wax in circular motion. Wipe down wax with cheesecloth.
Step Four: Repeated wax one more time on top of dresser. (I think I should have done one more coat) 
Step 5: Sand the edges of dresser to add worn down effect.

I also grabbed some knobs on sale (50% off) at Hobby Lobby, which I like because I can always switch them out and not waste a ton of money.

Here's the end result.
I'm close to being finished with the entire room and will share pictures soon!
He's been sleeping there for over a week and loves his new space.
First night in the new room!
And first morning. Crazy hair, don't care!
Way to go Coopy!

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  1. Awww, I love this! We are wanting to do a ton of little DIY projects for Sydney's room. The first is the antique Jenny Lind bed we found for her. Then we have an old dresser and another piece of furniture we want to refinish as well. I think when it's all done it will be so cute.


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