Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Keeping it real: the day my son put it all in perspective.

As a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom, as a MOM, it's all about the little victories. The little wins throughout the day. The moments you think to yourself, "Man, I really have this mom thing down!"

Some days I feel extra ambitious and make big plans. For example, I'm all "I'm gonna bathe both boys before the husband gets home." And when that happens, boom! That's a win. Or I tell myself, "Today I will take a shower, wash my hair, AND put on make-up." Boom! Winning again.

Last night was one of those days I was really going for it. But as I so often do my friends, I quickly succumbed to the fact that the day had other plans for me. As I was trying to get dinner prepped and the house clean before my husband got home, it got eerily quiet outside where my son was playing. Weird. I should probably look into that, I thought. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, the risotto was burning and the baby was in a mood. You know the kind; the 'can't be set down or I will scream my head off' kind-of mood. 
Again, weird. And sort-of inconvenient because I do every now and then try to trick my husband into thinking I have it all together. So I scoop up The Baby and head outside. Oh no. I see my son has his pants down in the backyard. "Honey, why are your pants down? Do you need to go potty?" I ask, nervously looking around to my neighbors yards. THANK YOU ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY, no one is outside. "No mom! See, look there, I already went!" 

I can't help but laugh. I laugh because this is my normal; this is my every day and all day. And it is hilarious, friends! And as I'm laughing (and pouring a generous glass of wine, I mean, it is close enough to 5, okay?!), I realize my son has once again put my grand plans in perspective.

THIS is what it's all about. 
Less planning, less perfection, more laughter, more presence. 
Make-up and hair done, and kiddos bathed by five? That's all okay. But the laughs and not taking the day's hiccups too seriously, so I can actually ENJOY these little pant-less people? That's what it's all about. The days, they are long, oh can they be long. But the years, are most definitely short.
Don't let this picture fool you, I only have makeup and hair done because I had help from a very large family with lots of arms.
And one day I will miss that little boy who used to pull his pants down out back and in public parks. Or so I'm told.
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  1. I looove this post! My son and I were driving home today (about a 45 minute drive) and he HAD to pee...I mean...he HAD to go bad and as luck would have it...we were in the middle of nowhere. I found a dirt road...and know.........ahem.

    These days are long, but also hilarious, exhausting, silly, frustrating and amazing!

    Now, to relieve your stress about my blog post: I do eat pizza...without sauce. Usually olive oil. I do eat pasta, no tomatoes...but with pesto. It's really annoying. I'm annoyed that I don't like tomato sauces. I try not to be rude though. If someone orders food with tomato sauce, I won't say anything...I just quietly eat around the sauce. Is sort of food therapist that I should visit?! LOL!!! Anyhoo...this is THE longest comment EVER! I'll end it. Have a great weekend! :) -Marie :)

    1. So so SO true! Haha I wouldn't put it past me to just pull over either! I mean, too convenient:). If you ever find a food therapist please let me know because I'm a vegetarian, all because I got really sick after eating a hamburger when I was...wait for it....SEVEN YEARS OLD. Get over it already, Lauren!


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