Monday, April 13, 2015

Ben's 9-Month Update

Ben turned 9-months Sunday!

What is it about the 9-month mark that seems like a turning point? He was super-excited when mom busted in after nap time for an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate the occasion.
Ben, child, you know what you want. You have such a relaxed personality and are go-with-the-flow. You are sweet. When you see a grandparent  or someone new you lean your head shyly to the side and look up at them under your eyelashes. You still love being cheek-to-cheek.

You're busy! You started crawling at 8 1/2 months and you haven't looked back. You are now trying so hard to pull up on things, but so far you can only get to your knees. You are SO busy and curious. You slam your head into everything all the time. Even in places I think you cannot possibly find a way to hurt yourself, you always do. I call you bruiser, because well, the obvious. It's actually concerning.

You have dark hair! And eyebrows, which people comment on all the time: "what great eye brows he has!" Random, I know. You are very, very handsome.
You love your brother something fierce. You love food. And you love being physically active, exploring, on the move, all the time.

When I look at you, I can't imagine not having more of you. I thought the same thing about your brother. You are so easy to love.

Here's the schedule that's working for us right now:

7:30- bottle
8- breakfast: scrambled eggs and banana/raspberries
9-11:30- nap (you LOVE this nap)
11:30- bottle
12:30- lunch: oven roasted chicken deli meat, jar of carrots/sweet potatoes, mashed avocado
2- small bottle, and down for a nap with your brother 
3:30-4- up, small bottle, we wait for Coop to wake up
5:30- dinner (*you dropped your cat-nap soon after 8-months, sadly)
6:00- bath-time with Coop
6:30/7- bottle and bed

Ben, I thank God for you. I pray over you all the time, and I hope we are doing right by you. Watching you grow will be our greatest privilege!

Your mommy can't believe you will be one-year-old in three short months. Holy that-went-by-fast!!

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