Friday, April 10, 2015

Week's Round-Up: Babies and outdoor decor.

Why was this week fast? In the work-world, every week after a holiday was S  L  O  W. This week I blink and it's Friday. Here's what's been up:

ONE. WATCHING: or actually MOURNING, the end of Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. WELL? What are you thinking about the craziness this season? Tune out here if you're not Bravo-obsessed:
* what's up with Stassi. Is she that big of a B? 
* how crazy-town is Kristen? That is all.
* does anyone else feel bad for Kim Richards? 
* how HILARIOUS is Lisa Rinna? #whatdidharrydo

TWO. HE'S 9-MONTHS ON THE 12TH: which means he's almost one-year old, which means omg. And, oh-KAY. I'll say it. Have you ever seen a cuter baby?

THREE. WEDNESDAY DATE NIGHTS: The hubs and I recently started a weekly date night. Growing up my parents went out one night a week for as long as I can remember, and left us four kids home with a sitter. Mom has always told us to set one night aside and spend it alone if we can. What is it about adult conversation with your husband that makes the world right? I don't know, but if it's one night a week I get to sit at the restaurant bar and eat dinner, I'm in.
FOUR. PATIO READY: Y'all since last summer I couldn't stop thinking about how I want to beautify the outdoors around the casa, and lo and behold West Elm decided to put some fabulous planters on sale this week. I'm thinking the gray or the black planter would look great next to my bold front door. If you're in the market, check 'em out:
FIVE. VERSE: Disclaimer: I do not watch 19 Kids and Counting but I do read daily and they shared the story of one of the kids, Jill, who was pregnant and also a midwife, and had planned a home-birth. She ended up delivering in the hospital and obviously things didn't go as planned. BEEN THERE. She shared this verse and it really stuck with me this week. Maybe you need to hear it too.
Once again reminding me that I have NO control. Why can't I get used to this?

I hope everyone has fun plans this weekend! Wishing you a great one.

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  1. Oh I love those planters. Please come link up with me

    1. Aren't they cute? And on sale, which is the most important:).


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