Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Front Door Make-Over: Reno-Series Vol 1

We bought a house last summer that we adore and have been slowly renovating ever since. Let me tell you, this whole "home-renovation-thing" is for the birds. It's a good thing I love this home, this location, and this 'hood because we may have been splitzville by now!  

I'm going to be sharing some of our renovation here on Happy Haven and I thought it only appropriate to start with how all our guests come into the home, the front door. 

You. Guys. There was a pair of screen doors in front of the wood ones, that screeched and slammed every time someone walked through. I was always praying that darn door didn't wake up my babies! Why I didn't think of just taking them off sooner, I have no idea. But I finally did and we actually thought the wood doors behind them were nice, decided to leave them on, and throw some paint on them.

We recently painted the exterior of the house a neutral gray, so I decided I wanted a color that would just POP (buuuuttt just in case I also sampled some tried and true black paint colors that would obviously look classic). 

Here's our before pictures:
And our afters:
Yes I did!
I chose a bright cherry red color, which I think looks so charming from the street. Who forgets the house with a red door? 
(Bonus points for anyone who spies the white dog creeping in the pic. All, meet Bella. Bella, meet my cyber-friends. And in other news, our aspen tree's have finally started blooming!)

A door color can add so much character to the home, and I think it's definitely the place to go bold.  I kinda compare it to an all black outfit with bright turquoise earrings. And, as my mama always says, the cheapest thing to change is paint. Thanks mama!

Paint colors in case you are interested:
Front door - Caliente (how appropriate), Benjamin Moore
Home - Pewter Tankard (darkened 50%), Sherwin Williams
(Runner up was Brick Red, Benjamin Moore)

Isn't it fun? How long until I change it to a matte black? And I'm so curious if anyone else has made a bold color choice: where? and what color? 

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. This looks fab! You have great taste.

    1. Aren't you sweet! I think the same of you:).

  2. Replies
    1. Coming from you that means a lot! I love black doors (like yours) but why not, right?

  3. Wow, your red door looks fantastic! Well, your door already looked great before, but the new red coat just makes it stand out more. It really goes well with your lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

    Darryl Smith @ Franklin Window & Door

  4. What an amazing blog entry to read and I really enjoyed seeing the finished result! I have found that working with a good hardware company helps when doing projects like this and that is why I recommend to a lot of people to shop online in order to save some time. They can also get a better selection doing this.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware


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