Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Ways to Feel Balanced

Happy Friday to you, friends!
I hope this week has been good to you. It has flown by for us, and don't ask me how because it's been total whiplash here with 60 degree mornings and 14 degree afternoons with 8 inches of snow. Say wha? 

Some days I feel like I'm a see-saw, like I'm going up and down just trying to find that even balance in my day-to-day. One of my New Year goals was to get on top of things, and knowing what I need in my days is where I have to start. 

I've noticed there are 5 things that I need to incorporate into every single day to feel like I'm on the right foot. 
1. Quiet time alone. I repeat alone. 
It is my daily goal to get both boys down at the same time at least once a day. Often it's a struggle.  But as an introvert I am constantly craving time to myself. When I'm able to avoid the TV, the iPhone or the computer and just sit with a book or devotional I always, ALWAYS feel a weight off my shoulder and renewed energy. 

2. Exercise.
My hardest struggle for sure. How great do we all feel when we sweat? How many excuses do we make not to? I am the queen of excuses, and yet never feel better than a week with a couple days of intense exercise. 

3. Food.
I struggle feeding myself. Both my boys are well fed, but by the time they've eaten and I've cleaned up we are on to the next thing, and next time I look at the clock it's 3PM and I haven't eaten. These are the days I feel foggy, tired and cranky. My goal is to have leftovers from the night before, prep salads earlier in the week, or have homemade smoothies ready to go so I can keep my energy up.

4. Be presentable. 
There is something to be said for feeling good about how you look. Initially, this requires some work up front (ie: shower, makeup, hair, etc.) but I notice I absolutely drag when I don't look the part. So suss it up girlfriend!

5. Fresh air.
Sometimes it is so hard to get out of the house, especially during some of these winter wonderland days when it's easier to cuddle up on the couch. But I feel so much better if I'm able to get us out, even if it's just for an hour. 

I didn't include coffee but, obviously, that is a no-brainer.

What do you need to keep the day on the right foot?

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