Monday, February 9, 2015

Benjamin Wallace 6-Month Update

Ben is 6-months, er, plus a few days.

Though I'm late documenting #2 here on the blog, I did throw him out on the deck on a gorgeous day last month and snapped some pics. Months 0-5 are so different than 6+. They begin changing rapidly at this age.

A little about Benjamin.
He oozes coolness.
At 6-months he is sitting up on his own! He's into everything. The kid has long arms, and always has to be touching things around him; he is very curious.

He's got this adorably laid back personality, and a sly smile that he doesn't give out easily. But when he makes up his mind about something he is stubborn. His laugh is a low cackle and when he talks (which isn't too often) it's more like low grunts. Ben's favorite person in the world is his brother. If he's crying or upset, Coop breaks out a little 'Twinkle Twinkle' and it calms him down in a snap. Every time. However when B-dub is sick it completely changes his personality and he turns into a crazy-baby-ninja. Ben is a physical touch guy and when you hold him he loves being cheek to cheek.

He is such a great napper, has slept through the night only a handful of times (mom's fault). Right now he naps around 8:30 (for 2 hours or so) and 1:30 (for 1-2 hours). And sometimes he needs a quick catnap at 5. He's typically down for the night by 6:30 or 7. He is also awesome in the car seat, which honestly what second child has a choice?

He LOVES food and will eat whatever you put in front of them. Regularly he eats eggs, bananas and avocados. He can take down half an avocado no problem. Around 5-months he became a lazy, distracted nurser and we started supplementing with formula. It takes us a long time to get him to finish just 5-ounces, he'd rather eat food. A total opposite of big brother, who couldn't even handle too much texture for the first year of his life.
He is just dreamy and such a joy. 

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  1. How o how is he 6 months already!! I can't decide what's sweeter that he loves being cheek to cheek or how much he loves his big bro to sing him twinkle twinkle. also. THOSE EYES. He is one handsome little fellow.


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