Monday, February 2, 2015

Going for it.

That is the question.

To those who still follow along regularly, you may have noticed that I made the blog private for a hot minute and I did that because a) I'm not blogging regularly, and b) when I do it's about the boys or life updates, which sometimes feels a little like "me, me! Look at me!" And also I figured, who really cares if last week Cooper told me goose poop is green like the color on the stop light? So, I briefly shut it down apart from close friends and family. 

 And then I got a few nice emails from people I had no idea followed along wondering WHY IS IT PRIVATE? I am always surprised when I hear that people read along, besides my mom and in-laws. Though they are my most loyal readers, this I know for sure.

So I figure I have two options, commit to this thing or shut it down.
I spent some time thinking about what it meant to "commit," and decided if I was to keep it up I had three goals: I want to write regularly, I want to have like, a plan, and I want to connect with other bloggers and readers. My favorite part of blog-land is connecting. After talking to the blogs greatest fan (my husband, which ladies, if you're biggest fan isn't your man, find a new one) and a lovely chat with a good friend about throwing insecurities to the wind I decided,  I'M GOING FOR IT.

Starting today I plan to blog regularly. Weekly. Three times a weeks specifically: Miscellaneously on Mondays, Wisdomly on Wednesdays (you can catch up on previous posts by clicking on Wisdom Wednesday at the top of the home page) and "link up" with other bloggers on Fridays.

Some days it may be all about the color of goose poop. And I'm okay with that.
So glad we talked through this.
See you back here Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

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  1. Yea! I think you'll enjoy the blog journey! :)

    1. We shall see Amanda!! I am (admittedly) horrible at time management at home! What ever happened to that professional I used to know?:)

  2. Welcome back my friend! You were missed. :)


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