Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Five: social media, perspective, shopping and videos!

Social media, internet on phones, phones on our bodies at all times - it's a little much. I found myself checking social media on my phone out of boredom, habit, or to kill time. I started to annoy myself with that habit. So Monday I deleted all social media from my phone, including Instagram. For as much as I feel I'm on it, shouldn't I miss it? I don't. Which means it's not important to me. It's a time stealer. The end.

power of perspective 
My husband sent me this article, and wow, just wow. Check it out. Please.

Benjamin, for your viewing pleasure.
He sure makes doc appointments fun!!

Coop has spent exactly a year in his Ikea-transition-from-crib-to-bed, er, bed. We took full advantage of the Presidents Day Sales and snagged this bed set for a ridic price, along with the trundle for sleepovers. Think ahead right?
things i'm loving: 
this lululemon swiftly tech long sleeve crew
What I wear after long days at the gym as my mom-uniform. Also loving this comparable tee from Athleta.
And these Banana jeans. I'm still transitioning back to my goal weight I wanted a new pair of jeans that doesn't break the bank. These hit right below my ankle, I'm not fan of how this is photographed but they look fab with my favorite flats.
AND I loved them so much I ordered a pair of their distressed boyfriend jeans. Sight unseen. I know, impulsive right? (Again, not styled the way I like, but whatevs). I'll keep you posted.

Well, y'all, "Snowmageddon" is making it's way to Denver tomorrow so wish us luck for Coop's big partay! Have a great weekend.

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  1. Oh I hear you on social media! Gave up Instagram last year for Lent and was so convicted at the amount of time I was on it. Definitely working on being more of a hands-free mama and wife! And how have I still not met that little man?? I want to eat him up! :)


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