Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday: Fall Fashion

Happy Friday folks!

Linking up again this week with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha for another fun edition of Five-on-Friday.
This week the mini was back at pre-school (hip hip hooray!) after a wee bout with croup...Croupy-Coopy. Funny, right? I mean it was one of those laugh so you don't cry things, but that's a whole other story.

Alas, I had time to myself again this week. It was lovely. Gave me plenty of time to think about fun fall fashion grabs I hope to make sometime soon.
5 on 5

H&M Padded Waistcoat

I originally was having J. Crew vest envy, but I stumbled across the H&M vest this week and I am so glad I did. Its price tag was $100 less.

This was a winner. I snagged in hunter green but they also have in khaki and navy.


I want this watch and I want to stack it with cute gold bangles.
Who's with me?

Chanel Mascara

I have never used Chanel mascara and recently got this and a few other items as a giveaway.
I fell in love instantly. It's seriously the best.

I really, really want to get on the bootie train. Why did I laugh out loud when I typed that?

A Facebook friend who I haven't spoken to in YEARS had these on in one of her pictures she posted last week. Can you believe I creepily emailed her to ask what kind they were?

Believe it.

This will have to stay in the envy category due to the price tag. But divine, no?!

Fear not though, I found a similar but different bootie, bootie, bootie (okay I'm done) here. Mossimo at Target also has some cute ones.

Lorde -Royals.

Friends told me about this song a couple weeks ago and now I can't get it out of my head. It makes me kinda do this snake looking thing with my head and makes me really happy.
If there's anything else I need to add to my closet this fall be sure to let me know.

Happy weekend, friends!


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