Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WW: Seeing the good.

This year I've been working really hard to live by this motto:
I have to laugh out loud a bit, because this is totally, totally not how I naturally operate.

I am the eternal realist to the point of pessimism. I'm not sure if it started as a defense mechanism, but I tend to always break things down to worse-case-scenario. It's awesome.
Luckily I married a person who is the opposite of me. 

My husband is the eternal optimist, doesn't worry about what he can't control, and trusts that things will work out and (for the most part) that people mean the best. Oh and also, he doesn't over-think things.

Pretty incredible, right?

I am positive this year God has been intent on teaching me dependence and (gulp) to relinquish control. On Him. To Him.

2013 has taught me to be intentional about how I think.  To choose to find the best in a situation and to not worry about things that have not happened yet.  To not expect the worst!! Sounds easy, but it's been a challenge and God has definitely shaped my trust and dependency on Him this year. Ever have those moments?

And for that I can at long last say...I'm thankful.

Cheers y'all,

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