Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween celebrations and kid-friendly plans.

I hope you had good weekend, friends!

I myself sat on the couch with a head cold and a box of kleenex all weekend. I even had to miss a Halloween pumpkin carving party with friends. I did snap this pic of Coop on his way out It's some serious cuteness.
Time on the couch did however, give me an opportunity to make our Halloween plans for the mini.
Update. For Halloween he's going to be...

I know what you're thinking. Creative, right?

Well he loves "Melmo" and it was $10 at Target. Perfect combination! While the $50 shark costume I bought him last year from Pottery Barn (which he wore for 15 minutes) was well worth the money...
...this year I decided to go the inexpensive route.

My other idea (thanks to a family member) was to dress him like a little old man- with a walker and all, but that took way too much time and energy. There are so many cute ideas out there on how to make this costume hysterical. I mean, how can you resist a baby AND an old man? YOU CAN'T.
toddler old manlittle_old_man
I thought about trick-or-treating, however giving a toddler ice cream is risky enough. But candy? No bueno. My son runs, he does NOT walk. I can picture a short red Elmo running into the middle of the street in all his sugar-filled-hysteria. Again, no thanks.

So, here's our safer but just as equally fun plans for next weekend:

Boo at the Zoo (Denver Zoo) - Saturday and Sunday, October 26-27
They will have trick-or-treat stations, creepy crawly animal demonstrations and other family-friendly entertainment.

Right up our alley. And we can go first thing in the morning or after nap time. The mini is much, much happier during those two times.

Trick or Treat Street (Denver Childrens Museum) - October 25-27, 9am-7:30pm
This will also be fun - they will have a Treat House for collecting goodies, Halloween crafts, a Monster Carnival and stroll through "Pumpkin" Hill. I love it!

And pics from their website look like there will be some great photo opps. If there is one thing I love, it is trying at least 100 times to catch THE perfect photo. Lately, to no avail.

 If you're like me and have a baby and toddler around but still want to enjoy Halloween, here are some other ideas I found.

I love the idea of doing a Halloween keepsake and am on the prowl for
something that Cooper would have fun with and that, let's be honest, we would keep.

I am so looking forward to spending quality time with my boys this weekend! 
Happy week y'all!


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  1. Adore the old man costume - super cute! Hope you're feeling better :)


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