Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday

Greetings, Friday!

I wish I was a wee bit more excited about the weekend. But I'm still one arms length up the kleenex box, the mini woke up at 5:15 this morning, and I've totes overbooked our weekend. What's on your weekend agenda?

I am once again linking up with the lovely Darci and friends for Five on Friday. Here are some things that have been my mind this week
gerber daisies.

I snagged these gorgeous gerber daisy flowers at Whole Foods this week. They are gorgeous and total eye candy.
the world.

Broad and deep, right? But I'm concerned. I'm actually extremely concerned. I've been praying every night for our leaders, for policies that benefit our country, for common sense. If you're not educated on some domestic issues, you should do some light (hah!) reading.

thanking our teachers.

I seriously adore Cooper's Parents-Day-Out teachers.

I wanted to give them a little token of our appreciation for Halloween but not go overboard (because what would I do at Christmas?). I'm going to recreate this from Tammy Mitchell designs, and throw in a little Starbucks gift certificate.bugs and kisses bugs and kisses
2014 planner!

I finally decided on a planner!

Like most, I have a strong love for my calendar. I prefer it SO much more than google calendar or any other electric form of organization. If you've emailed me you know, I can't keep things organized electronically!

I ordered this design from Plum Paper Designs. You can personalize what you want included in the planner and there are so many cute design options. I chose a simple design, and just the months view, with a notes page in between the months. I can't wait to get it!planner
LMAO. Enjoy!! Ellen's the greatest.
Have a great last weekend of October, friends!


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  1. hi from the linkup!!! :) love those flowers (and the tiny pumpkin too!!)))....and that planner. how custom! heading to check out that website now!!!


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